No Commissions. Low Fees.

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Go Direct. No Agent Fees.

We connect landlords with tenants, making listing and finding a new home or commercial space both fast and efficient. Easy to use, low fees, standard documentation, online filing and definitely no expensive commission charges.


How Our Community Works

Choose Your Service

Choose Your Service

There are two high quality options and a third to feature your property. Take your own photo's or we'll help you.

Meet Your Tenant

Meet Your Tenant

Connect with property seekers and get to know each other. Meet and show your property.

Save Money

Save Money

Thats why we are here. Stop bemoaning high commission fees. Take control, go direct and start saving.

Take Control

Take Control

Free photographs

Free Photographs

File online

File Online

Frequently Asked Questions

Property Owners

It’s simple. You choose a Basic or Premium package to list your property. Take enquiries directly and meet potentials tenants. We provide standard documents* for reserving your property and also a standard lease agreement. Complete with your tenant and file on-line. All you need to do is think about what to do with the money we save you! *Currently available for residential properties only.
Nope. You only pay once to list the property for up to 12 months. Don’t get beaten up by high commission fees any longer.
Sure. With the premium package, we will arrange a photographer to come and snap your home or commercial space and make it look great. If you have the standard package and need a photographer, you can upgrade your account at any time.
While the risk of fraud is very low, we believe is creating a safe and secure community. Each property owner is ID verified using the latest security technology. The whole process takes less than 30 seconds. We pay and every-one stays safe.
Yep. You can download the word format reservation and lease agreements from your control panel. Simply add a few details, print and sign. Later on use the IRAS links to file and pay stamp duty online. Job done.

Property Seekers

Nope. It’s a free service. What’s more, if you find a place for less than S$3,000.00, you would normally pay the agent fees. By going direct with us, you simply pocket that saving! No heavy sales pressure, enjoy the freedom and the savings of going direct.
CAN I SPEAK DIRECTLY TO THE PROPERTY OWNER? Of course! No middle man and no let downs, communicate directly, get the complete information and perhaps make new friends.
Yes, we do. We know how frustrating it is to enquire on an unavailable property just because it was left published to catch an enquiry. We automatically contact property owners each month and request that they confirm that their property is still available. If not, they delete it. We like fresh, just the same as you.
Sadly, no. Current laws prohibit the use of private property for short-term vacation rentals.