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Singapore Gov't to Enforce Ban on Airbnb Rentals, But Alternatives Could Be On The Way

09 Feb 2017

RENTALS.SG Comment: RENTALS.SG currently focusses on the long-term rental of residential and commercial property in Singapore. The ruling does not affect our business model in any way. Should short-term lettings be approved in the future, we will enhance our service to include shorter term rentals as an additional value added service for our Singapore community. According to Airbnb's website, t...

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Bangkok Holds Steady on High-end Rent while Singapore Slides

29 Jan 2017

RENTALS.SG COMMENTS: Interesting regional overview of residential rents vs Singapore rentals. Singapore is clearly sliding as evidenced by recent reports.


January 27, 2017 01:00 

HONG KONG continues to rank as the most expensive place for rental homes in Asia this year, followed by Tokyo and Seoul, wh...

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Why The Investment Outlook for Singapore Property Markets May Be Grim

29 Jan 2017

RENTALS.SG Comment: An interesting CNBC article that brings a reality check to recent "upbeat" press articles that are more positive in talking up the market. We are of the mind that the grim outlook will continue throughout 2017.


A long slump in Singapore's retail, residential and office property markets shows no signs of ending soon as declining occupancy ...

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Singapore Private Housing Prices Down 3%. Prime Rentals Slide 3.3%.

04 Jan 2017

This article first appeared in The Business Times and is attributed to Lynette Khoo. While property prices continue to decline, the rental market also continues to decline with prime rents down 3.3%. RENTALS.SG connects landlords and tenants directly, saving the cost of agent fees while providing an all inclusive service. Learn more about How it Works and save money on your Singapore rental lis...

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Private eyes watching Airbnb customers as tenants fight back

01 Jan 2017

This article first appeared on Bloomberg. RENTALS.SG considers this article informative for our rental community as local authorities consider the benefits and pitfalls of renting condo's and apartments in Singapore on short-terms contracts. Readers should note that currently the depressed Singapore property market is yielding a higher percentage of rental vacancies and the same conditions are ...

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Rents for private homes, HDB flats see steeper slide in November: SRX Property

17 Dec 2016

RENTALS.SG brings you the following summarised article that appeared in the Staits Times on December 14 2017 and was attributed to SRX Property.

SINGAPORE - The slide in rents for non-landed private homes and HDB flats accelerated in November, slipping by 0.8 per cent and 0.9 per cent respectively from October,
according to flash estimates released by SRX Property on Wednesday (Dec 14).

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Home sharing still up in the Airbnb

14 Nov 2016

The sharing economy is here to stay and Singapore should legalise short-term rentals selectively, with controls to prevent abuse

If home sharing were a plant, it would be a cactus - a godsend and easy to grow for some, unconventional and irksome to others, but above all, thorny.

The debate on whether to legalise short-term home rentals in Singapore has gone on for a while now, ...

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