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14 Nov 2016

Try to know more about your Tenant

There has to be a lot of thought as to pick tenants for your room this is something very important. Needless to say, that wrong tenant can prove to be harmful. So puts forward some factors while choosing the right tenant.

Learn everything about the tenant


Find out about your tenant or entrust an agent to get the details. The details should comprise from personal to his professional details. This gives a fair idea about the person. 


Credit check

This enables you to judge the financial capability of the person. When you check his credit details ensure you get the consent of the prospective tenant.


Check references

Get some references like associates, relatives or employers, and shortlist them based on the positive results or feedback.


Present residence

Find out the past record of the proposed tenant like his old stay, and if he was regular with his rent with the landlord and have not skipped his dues.


Place of employment

Finding out about his conduct at the place of his work is helpful. If the tenant is married find the details about his family and how well they cope as tenants.


Security deposit

Ask for a month's rent in advance as security, if they are not ready to pay the same it only shows their financial situation. Most tenants will no deny paying for a security deposit.  


These are few of the points that one should keep in mind when renting their place to potential tenants.