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08 Dec 2016

Tips to drive traffic to your Property listings

Listing property online needs carefull attention. Your listing should reach to your potential clients and your property should have more visibility to gain bookings. Here are few tips to drive traffic to your property listings which can make a huge difference in your bookings and business.

1)Creating strong listings

Creating high quality descriptions is one of the important factor for strong listings. Detailed and accurate descriptions of properties and amenities along with clear photos can highlight your property listing and can generate bookings.

2) Write blogs

Blogging helps by creating a convenient way to share helpful information with your existing tenants. Blogging once a week can increase the placement of your apartment and open listings in search results. This also helps in getting more clicks as you rank higher in search result page.

3) Adwords campaign

Adword campaign is a simple and effective way to generate listing traffic. You need to pay only when users click through your listing. PPC ads are a reliable way to get traffic quickly. 

4) Social Media Sharing

Social media pays a great way to drive traffic to apartment listings. Advertising on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest can bring more traffic. Include high-quality photos of your apartment and a brief yet compelling description. This is an effective marketing strategy.

5) Use aggregator sites

Use aggregation website to search for homes and apartments for rent. This can be very useful for newer websites trying to get more exposure and traffic. Aggregator sites provide a great way to increase both listing views and tenant applications.

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