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11 Dec 2016

Falling Rental Occupancy and Yields Stand to Benefit Direct Rental Platforms and Landlords

Interesting perspective from OCBC. From a landlord pespective, going direct (DIY) and leveraging new rental platforms that save costs makes a lot of sense. RENTALS.SG should benefit landlord looking to rent condominiums and apartments in Singapore as well as commercial and othe residential properties.

“We believe that the current physical oversupply situation would persist over 2017, which will continue to drive falling prices ahead. We entered the current oversupply situation in late 2013, and the islandwide vacancy rate rose 3.3 percentage points from 5.4 per cent as at end-2012 to 8.7 per cent as at end of the third quarter in 2016. Similarly, the rental index of the private residential sector islandwide dipped 10.6 per cent as at end of the third quarter in 2016 from its peak in the third quarter of 2013,” said the analysts.

Full story:  here