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24 Dec 2016

Does Your Agent Take Great Property Photographs?

Perhaps it’s just me, but have you ever taken a close look at some of the local property website’s in Singapore? If so, you must have noticed the shocking quality of property photographs that are submitted by the local real estate agents. In fact, the quality is overwhelmingly dreadful and does nothing to present and market a client’s property in the best possible way to attract a tenant rental or sales enquiry.

In many instances, the property may show the developer’s outdated original artist impression or computer generated image, mostly lifted from the internet. Internal shots, are either completely missing, poorly taken or of another unit altogether. These images are often rinsed and repeated for multiple properties.

In short, the local Singapore property agents seem to consistently fail to present a valuable property for rent or sale in the owner’s best interest and market in the best possible way to attract client enquires.

This should be a simple task that any Singapore property owner should rightfully expect of their agent, particularly considering the large commissions fees that agents are paid.

You could put this down to a general local agent malaise, poor personal quality standards or a simple lack of interest? You be the judge. In our opinion, there is really no excuse for not doing the job well and in the best interest of the client in the first place.

Most people are visual by nature and by that they make a decision based mostly on what they see and not what they read. The photographs of your condo or apartment for rent in Singapore are of the utmost importance to you because they must portray the unit in the best possible way to attract enquiries.

Your pictures are what the potential tenants or buyers want to see when they compare your property to others and as such they have to be excellent. Your property is in competition with others and the Singapore rental market is difficult; Getting noticed is key.

At RENTALS.SG taking professional photographs of your Singapore condo or apartment for rent is of paramount importance. This is why they schedule a photographer to do this for FREE with every paid listing. Presenting your property well and generating enquiries is centre to the success of their rapidly growing direct rental community.

RENTALS.SG has an absurdly simple premise: Singapore’s first residential and commercial rental community to connect landlords and tenants directly with potential savings of thousands of dollars in transaction fees.

By offering members and easy online solution to rent your property and with free photography, downloadable letters of intent, lease agreements and links for online filing, landlords now have all the tools to easily transact their rentals and at a fraction of the cost of an agent.

If your condo or apartment for rent in Singapore is sitting vacant and your agent has provided poor or no professional photography, you should list with RENTAL.SG to receive commission free services and free professional photography.