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30 Jan 2017

Choosing a rental in Singapore? Never miss these tips

The cost of living in Singapore depends upon the facility factors such as the property’s nearness to the city, property age, availability of facilities such as pool, gym, etc and also the quality of furnishings that come with the accommodation. You should invest your time in deciding where you want to stay in Singapore and the rental cost you are paying. Singapore offers a wide range of available choices and prices for rentals.

Most expats in Singapore prefer Condominiums due to the availability of facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, playgrounds for children, secured access,socializing opportunities and affordability as compared to renting landed property. 

Private apartments in Singapore lack  most of the facilities that are found in condominiums such as large sized pools, BBQ pits, tennis courts etc. They also tend to be older buildings since most of the new private construction is done in the form of condominiums.

Living in a government housing flat (called HDB flats) is a very reasonable option. Most HDB flats are within close proximity to basic facilities such as banks, local schools, markets, polyclinics, libraries, shopping malls and train and bus stations. However, these apartments do not come with luxury amenities like swimming pools or gyms.

Landed properties include terraced houses, semi-detached houses, detached houses, and bungalows. Due to Singapore’s relatively small land size and large population, landed property is no longer very common and is consequently quite expensive to rent.

Serviced apartments offer personalized services and hotel-style. They provide facilities for people who intend to stay in Singapore for a short-term period and are looking for a flexible lease. Serviced apartments in Singapore are fully furnished and house a pool and gymnasium. Most serviced apartments house 1-2 bedroom units as well as larger 3-4 bedroom units. Lease terms are flexible and can be negotiated for a per-day basis, per-week basis or on a per-month basis.