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13 Mar 2017

AIRBNB Residents Convert One Bedroom Apartment Into a Real-Life Nightclub

According to a recent press report, a group of tourists rented a one bedroom Airbnb apartment in Canonbury and converted it into a fully functioning nightclub in early March. Upwards of 200 people piled into the small London flat and the guest even hired a bouncer for the door, sold tickets, and then equipped the space with a complete DJ booth to match.

The surrounding neighborhood was not pleased. Several nearby residents described the evening as far too loud and raucous with one remarking that it was “the worst night’s sleep ever.”

Police had to wait for backup before entering the apartment to disperse the crowd at 4:30 a.m.

A Scotland Yard press officer noted that no criminal activity had been observed during the police’s clearing of the party.

No wonder the Singapore Gov’t is against short-term vacation rentals!