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02 Dec 2016

5 things to consider while writing rental listing descriptions

Every property owner search for tips and advice on how to best market their property. Searches shows that vacation rental listing descriptions do change the way guests think about rental home. It is relevant that modern travelers prefer well-written, creative and informative content when it comes to choosing their vacation rental. So it is important to write well written vacation rental listing descriptions that will help generate more inquiries on vacation rental site.

1. Keep focus on your targeted audience

Your content needs different language choices depending on whether your audience is millennials, young families or retired couples. Think very well about your target audience. Make sure you use vocabulary that will convince the right guests to book your place. So planning is very important to write your vacation rental descriptions.

It is very important to keep focus on your audience. Start by putting yourself in your audience’s shoes and think about what details would really entice you to book the rental.

2. Write in a way 'how you talk'

Try to write your listing descriptions as though you’re describing your property to a friend – you will capture an informal yet excited tone that will draw your reader in. Just be sure to keep it consistent throughout. Conveying your personality as a host is a must. It can easily be achieved through the tone of your writing, your website is the first point of contact potential bookers have with your vacation rental

3. Research your competition 

As vacation rental is a growing business one of the way to win more booking is by creating quality content that can attract more people. You should research your competition to show off exactly what makes your property a knockout.

4. Define your Story

It’s not enough to attract guests with a long list of all the amenities your property offers. It is important that you aim to allure viewers with a carefully composed story of what their vacation will be like at your home.

5. Stick to specifics

Always focus in on the specifics - give your guest ideas about local activities, best restaurants nearby, specific spots etc.  These will be your key to winning over more direct bookings. 

Consider these tips while writing rental listing descriptions. These can help you to attract more customers.

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