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11 Dec 2016

The Middlemen Economy is Doomed in The Singapore Property Market

A recent article in the Today newspaper (link below), argues that the middlemen economy is a live and well in the Singapore property market and agents are embracing technology.

Of course the antithesis is that this very market contnues to demonstrate a lack of initiative, is entrenched in it's old ways, suffers...

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09 Dec 2016

Singapore Property Rentals; No Agents, No Commissions. No, Really?

Digital disruption has arrived to the Singapore real estate indusrty and whether the agent community likes it or not, tech disruption is here to stay and is gaining a frim grip on the local property rental scene.

Local start-up RENTALS.SG was founded by an international real estate agent with digital experience who recognized an industry that was entrenched in a traditional low value model w...

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08 Dec 2016

Tips to drive traffic to your Property listings

Listing property online needs carefull attention. Your listing should reach to your potential clients and your property should have more visibility to gain bookings. Here are few tips to drive traffic to your property listings which can make a huge difference in your bookings and business.

1)Creating strong listings

Creating high quality descriptions is one of the important factor for str...

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02 Dec 2016

5 things to consider while writing rental listing descriptions

Every property owner search for tips and advice on how to best market their property. Searches shows that vacation rental listing descriptions do change the way guests think about rental home. It is relevant that modern travelers prefer well-written, creative and informative content when it comes to choosing their vacation rental. So it is important to write well written vacation rental listing...

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25 Nov 2016

Tips for tenants in Singapore

Singapore is a place of happenings, there are a lot of people who come in to stay on long-term rentals. Acquiring an apartment for rent in Singapore is easy, but there are few things tenants need to keep in mind when going for rental property in Singapore

We have seen that in most landlord-tenant relationships the landlords is easier going and this is reasonable, considering that tenant is...

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18 Nov 2016

Let Customer have their Space

Have you ever been in a situation when you find somebody keeping a close eye on your movement? Most of us will feel insecure and uncomfortable if someone has to go through such micro-monitoring. Imagine if you have to go through this same feeling when hunting properties for rent in Singapore or other places. Most customers' prefer to have some privacy , where they don't have to worry who is wat...

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14 Nov 2016

Try to know more about your Tenant

There has to be a lot of thought as to pick tenants for your room this is something very important. Needless to say, that wrong tenant can prove to be harmful. So puts forward some factors while choosing the right tenant.

Learn everything about the tenant


Find out about your tenant or entrust an agent to get the details. The details should comprise from personal to his pro...

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