About Us

We believe that the traditional real estate agent business model is living on borrowed time. Why? Because we run a successful international agency and we recognise when the existing value proposition is becoming outdated and the industry is open to disruption. We doubt that the current role of the real estate agent will exist in the same form in another 10 years. Dynamic competition, social communities, technology and consumer demand are driving exciting changes and new ways of doing business and that will ultimately deliver the customer with greatly improved service levels and substantial transactional cost reductions. In Singapore, we aim to be central to that change.

RENTALS.SG is an online community that eliminates the role of the Singapore real estate agent. Property owners and property seekers are instead placed central to the community and they deal directly with each other and in their own time. All the tools that are required are provided online or as an optional low cost service and by going direct, efficiencies are improved and costs are substanitially reduced, often with savings of thousands of Dollars to both property owner and property seeker.

Residential property owners can advertise condo, apartments, landed property and HDB properties for rent in Singapore.

Singapore commercial property owners can also use our service to advertise office, retail, shop house and industrial space for rent.

Never miss an enquiry and save substiantial fees by going direct today and listing your Singapore property for rent and save on agent fees.

We are available Online and by Mobile. Advertise with us today.