How it Works?

A Guide to Listing Your Long-Term Singapore Rental

Demand for long-term rental properties in Singapore is growing. At RENTALS.SG we present a unique, local platform for Singapore property landlords to reach potential tenants without engaging real estate agencies. Advertising your property for rent with RENTALS.SG is a simple, online process. You will receive potential tenant enquiries directly to your phone and email.

We do not charge commission or agency fees. That means huge savings by simply going direct, and with a top domain name that says exactly what it does.

With RENTALS.SG you joins a community that is focused on matching landlords and tenants. We provide a valuable link for tenants who may be looking for apartment and condo rentals in Singapore, HDB for rent and landed property for rent in Singapore. It is not just residential property that we cover but also commercial property for rent, from office rentals in Singapore to Industrial and medical space.

All property owners are verified by driving license and in this way we can offer a secure online community and that helps build trust for potential tenants. You can literally start to list your property immediately and rent with no agent plus save on rental commission.

Let’s Get Started
First impressions count when listing a rental property. Focusing on the unique features and benefits of your Singapore property rental is just one key to attracting tenant enquiries. On RENTALS.SG you can create your own headline and select from a list of property features. You can also highlight the suitability of your property as being child friendly, has wheelchair access and if pets are welcome. For commercial properties, the important attributes are also well defined.

Your monthly rate, security deposit and advance rent requirements are all determined by you and can be included in the listing. Tenants always prefer transparency and you should always include as much as possible to secure an enquiry for your rental property. To apply for membership and to list your property will need to have your property information, just a single photograph to get started (until we visit and take a professional portfolio for you), your driving license, and either a Paypal account or credit card.

Keep It Simple – Direct Rentals In Singapore is Growing Quickly

Think of renting your property as a business. As with all businesses there are a number of factors to consider when marketing your property. Tenants have a wide choice and they are usually well-educated and well-informed about the Singapore rental property market. Make sure your rental property is presented in the best way, and described fairly and accurately, so that you can attract the right tenant quickly and obtain a fair market rental rate, are important factors. As a Landlord you need to make sure that your rental property conforms to all local regulatory requirements and comply with Singapore law. If you are unsure you should seek professional legal advice. At RENTALS.SG we believe that presenting your property in the best possible way is the single most important key to attracting enquiries and finding a tenant. Keeping costs down is critical to your pocket – which is why, for long-term rentals, we empower you to deal directly and save you significant costs on agency commission fees.

Decide Your Own Level Of Involvement

Renting your property yourself can be a very satisfying and rewarding experience and besides, no-one knows your property better than you. By using RENTALS.SG you have the ability to save yourself a considerable amount of money on agent commission fees and advertising, all for a small amount of personal time and involvement. You also have complete control and the ability to establish a direct relationship with your tenants. What if you have no lease agreement? If you do not have a standard English language lease agreement to sign with your new tenant, you can easily download one from your control panel and, if appropriate, you can complete the details directly with your tenant. Of course some members may find the tenant directly and then pass the details to their own agent and negotiate a lower commission fee. This is where you can decide your own level of involvement. Invest a little personal time to save money.

Prepare and Showcase Your Home

Your property may well be furnished and ready to rent, however it is worth remembering some simple points can make a difference when securing a tenant. You are after all, competing with other properties on the market. Basic household items, such as kitchen equipment, fridge/freezer, a washing machine, dryer, electrics, paintwork and air-conditioning should all be in good order. Tenants will look for signs that the property has been well maintained and is clean. Make sure that the entrance areas are tidy. Keep the air-conditioning on to make the space comfortable when showing the property. Make minor repairs and remove any garbage. Offer as much information on your Singapore property rental and the local area as you can – schools, shops, transport links, parks and restaurants. You should try and make the tenants feel at home in the unit and area. Do not overlook compliance and safety requirements. The property must meet any regulations and safety compliance before you advertise to rent. Seek advice if you are unsure.

Putting Together a Winning Listing

At RENTALS.SG we believe in bringing a highly professional approach to advertising your Singapore rental property. With large format images, unique property headlines and full descriptions together with a well-structured and complete checklist of features, we ensure that nothing is overlooked in bringing your property to life. Agent adverts are typically brief and lack detail and good quality images. Information is often outdated and sites that purport to have over a “million” properties may do – but how will you ever get noticed? By understanding that potential tenants look for different information within your advert, it is important to make your description and photographs as strong as possible. By doing this yourself, you leave nothing to chance. A winning advert draws attention and attracts enquiries, and that means a potentially improved rental returns.

Show great pictures – A FREE Service

In our experience, it is very important to take time for photography. They can present your property better than any words, and is important as most people are visual by nature. Photographs are likely to engage with the tenant’s attention. In fact, it is so important to displaying your home, that RENTALS.SG offers free photography. We come and take them for you - for free:

  • Prepare you space in advance of our photographer arriving. Turn off any TV or computer displays, prepare the rooms and remove any unsightly objects. We will take photographs of any special features. Please remind your domestic help to avoid being in the photographs.
  • We will use natural light and shoot away from the windows to avoid exposure issues, so please make sure the rooms are bright and curtains are open. If we require additional light, we will use the interior and may we try both with and without the lights on and select the best results.
  • We will never display dark or cluttered images and we will correct any photographs using editing software and choose the best.
  • We will also make sure that we have good exterior shots of the property and any views.
  • We will showcase your rental property with up to 25 professional photographs. It’s often true that a great photograph is worth a thousand words

Advertising With The Right Rental Rate

Much in the same way as a great description with great photographs will attract positive attention the same can be said of your published rental rates. It is important the property is not priced too high or too low, and as such, it is worth spending a little time to research comparative rates for similar rental properties in your area. The key to negotiating the final rentals rates is to be friendly and flexible within your limitations. Simply rejecting a good offer without discussion may cost you more in lost income over weeks or months should the property remain unoccupied. With your potential cost savings, you may be able to make some concessions to close the deal, rather than miss a good opportunity.

Responding to Your Enquiries

When a potential tenant makes an enquiry, they will contact you directly through the enquiry system to your account. You will also be alerted by email. The tenants or your own email will not be disclosed until such a time as you both agree to share your contact information. Our advice is to always respond to tenants as soon as possible after you receive the enquiry to improve the chances of a successful appointment. Always include as much information as the tenant may have requested. Responding to enquiries presents an ideal opportunity to get to know each other and establish an early relationship. Your Singapore tenant will want to view the property, so provide clear meeting point instructions when arranging a viewing. Always manage your enquiries through your control panel or email and keep records.

Meeting Your Potential Tenants

Meeting with your potential tenants should be a positive and friendly experience. Be prepared for the meeting with a Letter of Intent, or similar document, and a draft Tenancy Agreement. You may want to prepare your own, but a sample in English is provided on your control panel. Show the benefits of the property and listen for feedback. Be clear and flexible, within your limits, to any requests as this will influence the tenant decision making process. Clarify the rental rate and the responsibility of each party towards the security deposit, notice periods and bills. Having now shown or given the details of your property and explained the features and benefits, you can simply ask for a decision and agree. Renting your own place can be a rewarding experience.

The Tenancy Agreement Deposit and Payments

As soon as you have signed a Letter of Intent and prior to signing the Tenancy Agreement, you should take an agreed non-refundable deposit to remove the property from the market. You will also need a copy of the tenant’s ID and any references. Upon signing the Tenancy Agreement, you should secure the advance rent and a security deposit. Often the non-refundable deposit will be converted to become the security deposit. You should provide a receipt and provide your bank details to the tenant for the ongoing rental payments. Registering a Tenancy Agreement is required and in Singapore this is a simple on-line process with IRAS. If you are unclear, check online to ensure that you are following the correct process. Rent your apartment or commercial property with RENTALS.SG and see how easy it can be and save on rental commission.

Immigration Background Check

An immigration visa status background check is required on the tenant and is a government regulation. You may either do this yourself using the tools on the control panel or you can appoint us to conduct the check for a simple optional low fee. The choice is yours.

Preparing For Your Tenants

Now you are ready for your tenants to move in. Here are a few pointers for your Singapore property rental and some reminders to help with a successful transition.

  • Make sure the property is clean, any repair work and servicing has been completed.
  • Remind your tenants to arrange for the transfer of utility bills to their name and take a meter reading.
  • Explain how to operate any systems such as security alarms.
  • Prepare the key sets.
  • Prepare, and together with the tenant, review and sign the inventory list. You can download a useful starter list to help you from your control panel. Each party should keep a signed copy.
  • You may like to take photographs to avoid any future disputes.
  • If there is any damage to the property, fixtures or fittings, then this should be noted and countersigned by both parties.
  • Confirm you have a copy of your tenants official ID. Let your new tenants settle in.

Key Success Factors

RENTALS.SG enables members to go direct, reach a wide targeted audience and save on agent commission fees. Our service is simple and the savings can be considerable. Here are a few tips to help with your success.

  • Take great photographs and write a captivating description of your property.
  • Be timely when responding to enquiries.
  • Keep accurate records of the tenancy throughout the period.
  • Maintain a good relationship with your tenants.
  • Resolve any potential problems early.
  • Insure your property.
  • Maintain the property throughout the tenancy.
  • Ensure that you comply with all local regulations.

Opening An Account and Enjoying Membership

Opening a membership account to advertise your long-term Singapore rental property is a simple process. Just click the “List Your Property” button and complete your registration details. Uploading your property details is simple and secure. Your membership fee is valid for six months and if your property is not rented within that time, you may extend for a further six months free of charge. If you have rented your property already the listing will expire naturally. Membership is paid once, in advance, for the first six month period. We keep advertising periods “short” to ensure that the properties that are available remain relevant. It is not in the landlord or tenants interest to have outdated properties advertised. If you own or manage four properties or more, you may contact us directly and one of our rental specialists will assist you. Just click the “List Your Property” icon now to list your long term Singapore rental property.

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